One-on-one private yoga class in the comfort of my home studio.

Less than 10 minute drive from Tunbridge Wells Centre. Between Rusthall and Speldhurst. Lake Cottage, Lower Green Road, TN3 0NA. Beautiful, tranquil surroundings.

Private yoga sessions will offer you a chance to explore and develop a thorough understanding and practice of yoga. Every session will be tailored to your body, health, goals and abilities.

This type of practice could be for people with special conditions or after an injury to address specific needs, or perhaps for those who simply cannot fit group classes into their lives. You will receive my full attention, including correct techniques for breathing, postural alignment and movement. I will also be hands on with demonstrations, explanations and adjustments.

Whether you are craving a ‘lean and strong body’ or a ‘tension-releasing stretch session’, I will create a tailored sequence of poses to enhance your Yoga practice and give you what you specifically need.

Private classes can be held alone or with a friend, making the class as relaxed, fun and friendly as you want it to be.

What to expect?

 At our first session, there will be a short conversation to discover what you wish to gain from our private sessions so that I can tailor the sessions to suit your needs. Then each subsequent session will include a brief review on your progress and well-being.

During every session, you will be practising postures you are familiar with and will be introduced to new postures when you are ready. You will receive guidance on how to practice each posture and be helped to make any physical adjustments to deepen your experience. You will be able to ask questions at anytime during our sessions. Pranayama (breath control), meditation and relaxation practices are part of each session.

***£45 for 1 hour class***