Welcome to Yoga with Anna. I am a qualified Yoga Teacher living in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I teach yoga privately and also run group classes from my home studio and Sunnyside Hall, Rusthall.

My aim is to make yoga accessible, un-intimidating and above all enjoyable. I encourage my students to use yoga to build strength and flexibility, to relieve stress and invite balance to their lives.

Gentle Flow Yoga:

Good Choice for beginners, or those of you that simply prefer a softer, more gentler approach to yoga.  A restful, calming class including gentle flowing movements, meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation and some passive and supported poses. Modifications are offered throughout to suit all needs and abilities.

Flow Yoga:

Suitable for all abilities, including beginners. As you mindfully integrate movement and breath, this yoga class encourages you to explore physical poses in greater depth and really listen to the body. Breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation are included in this class and modifications are offered throughout to suit all needs and abilities.

Restorative Yoga:

Suitable for all abilities, including beginners. Restorative yoga invites you in to deep states of relaxation using yoga props (blankets, bolsters, belts, blocks) to support the body in gentle, passive poses that help you slow down, unwind and listen to the body. A truly healing practice.

No two yoga classes are the same and I like to link themes to my classes as a way to give you something to think about when you step off the mat. Music is a feature of my classes and the use of aromatherapy through a diffuser. Modifications will be offered throughout the practice making it accessible to all.

Every class includes breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation.

‘I just wanted to tell you how much I love your classes and that they mean so much to me. They are a little piece of heaven in my hectic lifestyle. Christy Chadfield (2019)

‘Thank you for your fantastic Thursday night yoga classes. I really enjoy them. You’re so caring and supportive, and I never felt so good after a yoga class than after yours.’ Elodie Rod-Thatcher (2019) 


‘I was completely new to yoga and had never done any group classes before but I really enjoy yoga sessions with Anna. She is always so clear in her instructions and so kind and supportive of everyone in the group. The atmosphere in the class is friendly and relaxed.’ Janice Patton (2019)

‘Anna’s classes are restorative yet can also challenge you (but only if you want to be challenged!). Anna is extremely encouraging but also understanding of your needs, and best of all Anna has fun! Her classes are something I look forward to each week for a bit of ‘me’ time… a little pause in the middle of a crazy schedule. I would highly recommend Anna’s classes!’. Katy D’Amico Tucker-Peake (2018)


‘I really enjoy Anna’s classes. She is a natural at creating a supportive environment for novices like me whilst delivering a varied programme for the more advanced. If you’re looking for a restorative class to balance the mind and body, this is the one for you’. Rebecca Moore (2018)

‘After each session with Anna my body feels stress free and my mind relaxed’. Pauline McGinty (2017)

‘After Anna’s restorative yoga class I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time! Highly recommend for those in need of unwinding & re-engaging with their mind/body’. Katherine Pudney (2017)

‘As a relative beginner I found Anna’s restorative yoga class easy to follow and very relaxing.. I’ll definitely be back to help start the week stress free’. Sarah Hewson (2017)

‘Anna’s classes are the perfect combination of yoga, meditation and relaxation. I really enjoy the gentle flow rhythm and that you always offer alternative positions if necessary. I love that its a small group and the space is nice too. It feels one-to-one at times which is great as I’d love to improve my flexibility and core strength and feel you really help guide us through. The end meditation and mini massage is a real treat’. Serin Ibrahim (2019)

‘Anna’s classes have a gentle thoughtful feel about them. An excellent teacher who really helps us to be in the moment on our mats. Anna includes peaceful meditative relaxation at the end of the class which really does set you up for the rest of the day. A lovely venue overlooking the park, a great place to practice’. Shirley Nelson (2019)

‘Anna is a very thoughtful and professional teacher. I had only done a little yoga before starting with these classes a few months ago and Anna put me right at ease. The small class size and lovely venue help for really relaxing sessions – I look forward to it every week!’ Anna Howell (2018)

No matter what level of yoga you are, give Anna’s classes a try.  You will be welcomed and feel included as soon as you walk through the door.  Whilst allowing you to work at your own pace, Anna will also get the best out of you and you will leave each class feeling refreshed and looking forward to the next one.’ Martin and Teresa Lawford (2019)